What Dinosaur Has 500 Tooth?

What Dinosaur Has 500 Tooth?

You have in all probability heard the joke, “What dinosaur has 500 enamel?” It first began as a joke posted on Reddit. Since then, the web has gone loopy over the joke. Who knew {that a} single dinosaur might have over 500 enamel? The reply is definitely fairly sophisticated, however we are able to guess how the joke received began within the first place. Apparently, the concept got here from a YouTube video posted by a Reddit consumer, and it rapidly gained greater than 66,000 views!

Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur, photorealistic illustration, Scientifically appropriate. Head shut up, with open mouth. On white background, clipping path included.

The dinosaur with 500 enamel was found in Niger, Republic of Niger, in 1999. The identify was given to the dinosaur as a result of it resembled a tiger, and the enamel had been designed to trim meals near the bottom. The identify Nigersaurus, although, is just a little deceptive, because it appears like a joke. Nonetheless, the joke was supposed to unfold consciousness and never scare individuals away from the cryptic identify.

However a joke can go far. A latest discovery reveals {that a} sure sort of dinosaur has over 500 enamel. A single fossil of this species was found within the Republic of Niger. The identify, Nigersaurus Taqueti, was given to the animal after its discoverer, American paleontologist Paul Sereno. Fortunately, the web didn’t censor the picture, and it has been faraway from the net.

What dinosaur has 500 enamel? It could be stunning to study {that a} single species of dinosaur had as many as 500 enamel. A couple of of probably the most notable specimens of this type have over a thousand. A sauropod with greater than 2,000 enamel is the Diplodocus, whose lengthy jaws allowed it to slice its meals very near the bottom. The identical factor occurred to the Nigersaurus.

Along with being a formidable dinosaur, Nigersaurus additionally had many enamel. It had the identical variety of enamel as a Diplodocus, and its neck was for much longer. A French researcher found the fossil of this dinosaur, which had about 5 hundred and a half thousand rows of enamel. The Nigersaurus had a protracted neck and scavenged a number of vegetation. Its identify has even made it fashionable.

The web has many bizarre sides. instance is the seek for what dinosaur has 500 enamel. This query has grow to be a meme, because of the truth that the web is filled with bizarre, and generally humorous, stuff. There may be an excellent higher strategy to reply the query, “What dinosaur has probably the most tooth?” Fortuitously, the Web has grow to be the largest supply of data for the oddest of subjects. What dinosaur has probably the most enamel?

The dinosaur with probably the most enamel was referred to as Nigersaurus Taqueti, and it was named after its discoverer, Paul Sereno. This lizard was about thirty ft lengthy and had over 500 “slender” enamel. Its huge enamel would have functioned as a comb, permitting it to browse crops and chew on them. The unique identify of the species was Nigersaurus taqueti, and it is nonetheless in existence right now.

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