Enneagram Sort 2w1 – What’s Enneagram Sort 2 Wing 1?

Enneagram Sort 2w1 – What’s Enneagram Sort 2 Wing 1?

Enneagram Type Type 2w1

Folks with an Enneagram Sort two with one wing are sometimes very caring and empathetic, however additionally they wrestle to keep up a way of independence. In addition they are usually very emotional and impulsive, so small gestures and acknowledgments imply loads to them. This enneagram kind is self-aware, however they can be possessive, which makes it tough for them to realize their targets.

The 2w1 enneagram kind is usually heat, loving, and affectionate. They’ve a robust sense of social accountability and a robust need to assist others. Their tendency to be a “good samaritan” can be a results of their excessive morals. As such, they usually generally tend to assist others or change their behaviors, which may make them really feel uncomfortable.

Though a 2w1 may be very thoughtful and considerate, he’s additionally extraordinarily delicate. Which means he/she spends an excessive amount of psychological vitality connecting with different folks. Regardless of this, he/she doesn’t give a lot thought to their very own wants. Being indispensable to others can result in inflated self-importance, which is a typical manifestation of an Enneagram two.

Consequently, they are usually extra judgmental than their core Sort 2. However that doesn’t imply that these individuals are untrustworthy. They only have totally different wants. They’re very beneficiant and caring. They attempt to be useful to others to keep away from the emotions of insecurity. They’re additionally the almost certainly to turn out to be a people-pleaser. When you have an Enneagram 2w1, you may be an incredible assist to different folks.

These individuals are very caring and compassionate. They are going to attempt to fulfill everybody else’s wants. They are often extraordinarily delicate to others, however they’re usually afraid of being rejected by their very own family members. Consequently, they are usually very caring and empathetic. They need to be cherished and accepted. Nonetheless, they’ve difficulties with expressing themselves of their true self. They could be overly involved with the opinions of others.

The primary wing kind is a bonus for this kind. It is going to encourage you to handle others regardless of your unfavorable emotions and to suppress your individual. They have a tendency to place others’ wants earlier than their very own. Subsequently, they’re service-oriented. They’re excellent at understanding the wants of different folks. They’re usually at their finest when serving to others. They’re self-aware. A second wing will assist you perceive the wants of the folks round them.

Folks with an Enneagram Sort 2w1 are usually useful and reserved. They’re delicate, however they tend to be reserved. Their major persona kind is a sort two, with wings of the primary kind. The wings of kind 2 are the non-dominant ones of that kind. They’re extra sympathetic and useful to different folks than they’re to themselves. Typically, these individuals are useful and empathetic.

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